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Orofacial Pain is Not Something to Ignore

Austin, TX
Posted on 7/23/2020 by Office
Image of a woman with orofacial pain.Orofacial pain is something that can frustrate a lot of patients and even many under-experienced dental practitioners. Although once the issue gets figured out and a proper form of treatment can be developed it can sometimes get better. However, pinpointing the problem can often times prove quite tricky. That is because this type of dental pain is one in which the actual teeth are not always the cause of this issue, they are only the area in which the symptoms are manifesting themselves. Here, we would like to take a closer look at two of the possible examples of orofacial discomfort:


This is one of the most common types of this sort of disorder, although this one doesn't take as long to figure out as most others do. Although the pain tends to centralize in the patients jaw area, sometimes one or sometimes both, it is actually caused by a misalignment in the skull/jaw/neck region that prevents the proper flow of blood and other cerebral fluids at night while sleeping. Although it isn't a tooth or mouth problem, it certainly feels like it is due to the proximity of the nerves in the back of the jaw.

Sleep Disorders

These get a little more difficult to diagnose as most patients don't even think to discuss their sleep issues when trying to figure out why their mouths hurt, and many other dentists often forget to ask. But with insomnia and sleep anxiety in particular, one of the behaviors commonly associated with them is bruxism or grinding of the teeth.

To get help finding out the root cause of your orofacial pain, or to get better treatment for an already diagnosed condition, call (512) 351-7653, stop in and see us here at our clinic office. We will be glad to get you started on a good dental health program.


Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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