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Dental Implants Can Improve the Health of Your Jaw Bone

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Office
Dental Implants Can Improve the Health of Your Jaw BoneWhen you ask people why they chose to get dental implants, the most common answer they give is to help their appearance. Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth.

They look and feel like natural teeth and require the same care that natural teeth do. That is a great reason to turn to implants if you are missing teeth, but that is not the only benefit that implants offer. They also can improve the health of the jaw bone.

The Problems of Missing Teeth

For most people the biggest problem they have with missing, broken or cracked teeth is the way they look. They take steps to hide the fact that they have problems with their teeth by covering their mouth when they speak or by not speaking as much. They do not smile as much as they want. It is important for them to hide the fact they are missing teeth.

Although they worry about their appearance, they also need to consider the other problem that comes from missing teeth. A tooth supports the other teeth that surround it. If a tooth is missing, it is possible for the surrounding teeth to move or to become loose. Teeth also help promote the growth of bone tissue. Without the teeth, bone growth can stop and that can lead to the loss of bone tissue in the jaw.

What Dental Implants Do

Unlike dentures, implants are permanently affixed to the bones of the jaw. After the implant is put into place, the bones of the jaw grow around the it to hold it in place. The implant will continue to stimulate the growth of bone tissue and can help prevent bone loss that will affect the jaw, the surrounding teeth and the overall oral health of the individual. The implant will also support the surrounding teeth and help keep them healthier and stronger. While dentures provide some support, they are not a permanent fixture like the implants.

Almost everyone will lose some teeth at some point in their life. If they want to improve their appearance and improve their overall oral health, the best option is to turn to implants.

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Derrick Flint, MD, DDS | Matthew Largent, MD, DDS

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